Woman arrested for multiple bike thefts

NATIONAL Police have arrested a woman for the alleged theft of bicycles from inside community garages – along with other crimes.

Police have recovered and returned two bicycles to a 77-year-old woman and a child, following CCTV surveillance.

Investigations were carried out after bicycle thefts were taking place in different community garages of Marina Baixia, Benidorm, located in urbanizations, where agents of the 5th Group of the Local Police Brigade Judicial of the National Police were active.

During the bicycles’ surveillance police carried out an intervention, in which they identified a woman as the alleged perpetrator of the theft of costume jewellery in a shop in the city.

The investigators, upon having knowledge, verifying her, were able to determine that it was the same woman – who appeared in the videos perpetrating the thefts of bicycles.

Police investigations were also successful in finding the identity of a male involved in theft.

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One of the electric bicycles was valued at €900. The other child’s bicycle, was valued at €170.

The victims of the robberies were summoned and their respective bicycles were returned.

The alleged thief was also related as the alleged perpetrator of a mobile phone that the victim had on the counter of a bar where she was, recognised through the establishment’s security CCTV cameras.

The detainee, a 40-year-old woman, of Spanish nationality, with a previous record, was placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court of the Guard of the same locality.

Caption: The woman was placed at the disposal of the courts after thefts.

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