Ukrainian MP Maria Mezentseva: ‘We’re engaged on a attainable worldwide tribunal for Putin’s crimes’

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Ukrainian member of parliament Maria Mezentseva is part of a working group, created by President Volodymyr Zelensky, tasked with campaigning for a special international tribunal to prosecute the crime of "aggression" in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She joins FRANCE 24 from Kharkiv, the Ukraine’s second largest city.

Mezentseva said bombing continues throughout Ukraine. It is not a question of achieving a military objective, but of targeting civilians, she said. She said that there are two groups of main crimes: “crimes of aggression” and “war crimes”.

Zelensky is calling for the creation of a special international tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine. The Dutch parliament voted in support of a proposal to establish a special tribunal in The Hague. There were similar resolutions by the EU parliament and the Council of Europe parliamentary assembly. The foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania are calling for the EU to lend its support.

Mezentseva is hoping progress will be made quickly.

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