Two alleged drug traffickers arrested in Elche

Officers from the National Police have arrested a man and a woman, aged 29 and 31, in Elche for their alleged participation in crimes against public health, after they were found to be using a false bottom in a vehicle and a converted butane gas cylinder to hide the drugs.

The arrests came after months of investigation and discreet surveillance of the pair investigators believed to be responsible for the sale and distribution of narcotic substances.

In the searches carried out, the investigators verified that those arrested used several hidden compartments with double bottoms, known in police jargon as ‘caves’, which were supposedly used to move the hidden narcotic substance from one place to another.

Inside the vehicle that one of those arrested used daily, the agents located a complex hidden accommodation, which contained 14 grams of pink cocaine, 500 grams of a white substance that turned out to be cocaine and several frequency inhibitors.

Those in charge of the case also carried out several home searches, inside which various bags with traces of white substance, apparently cocaine, were located, in addition to various items necessary for weighing and handling the drug.

The search revealed another sophisticated system for concealing the drug: a butane gas cylinder that, at first glance, had a “totally normal” appearance, but through an improved device specially designed with which the base was opened, a compartment inside that those now arrested also used to move the hidden substance from one place to another without risk of being detected.

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The operation has been carried out by agents of the National Police, belonging to the Narcotics Group of the Two alleged drug traffickers arrested in Elche. The proceedings remain open and more arrests related to the investigation are not ruled out. Those arrested, of Spanish and Colombian nationalities, were placed at the disposal of the Elche Investigating Court.

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