Triple murder in Elche as 15 year old boy shoots dead parents and brother over video game

  • The boy killed his entire family because his mother punished him by taking away his video game console and Wi-Fi
  • The young man shot his father, mother and 10 year old brother with a hunting gun up to seven times and lived for three days with the bodies stacked on top of each other in a garage

The details are just emerging of a triple crime in Elche in which a 15 year old Spanish boy murdered his mother, father and brother, as a result of being punished for his poor school grades.

According to police sources, the boy’s mother took away his video console as a punishment for the poor grades he had achieved in school. She also cut off Wi-Fi access on his mobile phone as well. And the violence was unleashed as a result of the punishment.

The triple crime took place last Tuesday, February 8th, when the alleged perpetrator took a hunting shotgun, apparently owned by his father, and fired two shots at point-blank range that killed his mother. She died instantly. His brother, just 10 years old, ran to the room when he heard the shooting. Two further shots then also killed him.

The scene of the triple murder

According to a police spokesman, when the boy’s father arrived home from work later in the day hours he was met with two further shotgun blasts, followed by a third to finish him off.

How the teenager then acted is something that has shocked investigators as the boy dragged the three bodies to a garage located next to the family home. There he stacked them, one on top of the other, behind the locked garage doors.

For three days he continued to live in the family home, seemingly oblivious of the horrendous crime he had committed. It was only on Friday when family friends, alarmed by the lack of news, went to the house where they came face to face with horrors.

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The 15-year-old boy was then arrested in Elche on Friday night as the alleged perpetrator of the brutal death of his parents and brother.

The murders took place at the home in the Algoda district in the municipality of Elche. At the time of his arrest, the young man is said to have been completely unmoved by the situation or by the crimes he had carried out.

The minor is currently in police facilities, waiting for the Police to conclude the investigation. It is expected that this Saturday, forensic agents will return to the scene of the triple crime to carry out a more detailed inspection. The adolescent will be placed at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office once the National Police considers the investigation to be complete.

Forensic officers arrive at the scene

The last precedent of parricide in the Valencian Community was in Meliana, where a 30 year old man was arrested by the Civil Guard following the death of his father. Both were of Ukrainian origin.

In recent months, three further parricides have been registered in the region of l’Horta, in Aldaia and Moncada. On November 4, a 49-year-old man turned himself in to the Aldaia Local Police station, with bloody hands, confessing that he had stabbed his father to death. On October 22, an octogenarian died with her throat cut at the hands of her son in the Cristo de Aldaia neighborhood, and then in September, also in Moncada, a man was arrested for killing his mother with a carving knife and stabbing his father in the neck.

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