Torrevieja squatters, including child, removed after 30 months

Squatters in Torrevieja have been removed after over 30 months, along with their young child, aged five.

A Court order, the third, on January 10, 2022, lead to the eviction, despite the squatters sending the Court a document alleging their vulnerability and the existence of the youngster, to avoid being removed.

They requested a six month extension until June, when the child concluded the school year.

Eduardo Dolón, mayor of Torrevieja, and Tomás Ballester, Councillor for Social Welfare, became involved with the situation.

Councillor Ballester started conversations with Red Solidaria as they looked for a housing solution.

The owner of the property, known only as Pilar, faces a bill of €22,000 following the squatters occupancy since July 2019.

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The €22,000 cost covers lawsuits and utility bills after rent payments had ceased.

Pilar has suffered facial paralysis and health problems

Pilar has suffered facial paralysis and additional health problems, including being unable to open one of her eyes, deemed due to worry over the last 30 months.

Pilar and her husband are legitimate owners of the squatted home, located 100 metres from the border that delimits the Acequión beach with Los Naúfragos.

Squatters have lived in the apartment, with blinds drawn permanently.

The two women, both Colombian, mother and daughter along with a minor and a pet, a dog, were squatting in the house – which was left in an inheritance to Pilar.

The dog will live with friends of the squatters.

Civil Guard ensured that the eviction would be carried out in an orderly manner as the squatters left the house.

Torrevieja City Council are reported to be housing the evicted in a hotel, with mayor Eduardo Dolón undertaking procedures to find them social housing.


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