The ultimate Benalmadena travel guide

ONE of the Costa del Sol´s brightest gems for travel, Benalmadena combines the charm of a whitewashed town with stunning Mediterranean views and a buzzing culinary and nightlife scene.

Less formal than nearby Marbella but still with a great selection of bars and restaurants, travel to Benalmadena has the beauty of a traditional Andalucian town with the fun vibe of a large city like Malaga.

Located in the province of Malaga, and just 6.8 miles from Malaga Airport, Benalmadena is between the popular towns of Torremolinos and Fuengirola.

It has three main areas, the pueblo (old town), the coast, and a more modern business area, Arroyo de la Miel.

If you are planning a trip to Benalmadena, the Euro Weekly News has put together this guide to everything from the best things to do, to the weather and the best restaurants and hotels.


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Benalmadena travel: Quick Facts

  • Where is Benalmadena? Benalmadena is located on the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain in Andalucia
  • Languages spoken: Spanish. English is also widely spoken in many tourist areas.
  • Currency: The Euro (€)
  • Time zone: Benalmadena is on Central European Standard Time and GMT (+1)
  • Getting to Benalmadena: Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP) is located just 6.8 miles from Benalmadena

Benalmadena old town

Apart from the coast, the pueblo (old town) is one of the most popular parts of Benalmadena for its stunning traditional Andalucian vibe and artisanal shops and restaurants.

Located at the top of a hill around a kilometre inland, it has spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast 280 metres below.

While Benalmadena´s coastal strip is popular with those who love the buzz of its many bars, restaurants and clubs, Benalmadena pueblo can be enjoyed by everyone for its sleepy winding whitewashed streets, quaint shops and excellent restaurants.

Founded by the Moors in the 700s, Benalmadena old town still has some of the area´s best cultural sights, including the Jardines del Muro.

Benalmadena marina

With space for up to 1,100 boats, Benalmadena Port-Puerto Marina is one of Benalmadena´s most sparkling areas for those after a little glamour.

Boasting not only stunning views over the hundreds of sailing and motorboats there as well as the Mediterranean, the marina is also one of Benalmadena´s hottest hangouts thanks to its impressive selection of bars and restaurants.

One of the most popular parts of Benalmadena, the marina also houses the Sealife aquarium.

For those who´d rather be on the water rather than just admiring it, several companies in the marina offer boat rental.

Benalmadena travel: The essential guide

7 of the best beaches in Benalmadena

Benalmadena is one the best choices on the Costa del Sol for beach-lovers thanks to its 20 kilometres of stunning coastline.

That´s why the Euro Weekly News has put together its guide to the seven best beaches to help you find where to spend your holiday when you travel to Benalmadena.

1. Bil – Bil Beach

Benalmadena´s most famous beach, Bil-Bil runs from Bil-Bil castle to the entrance of the marina and offers an impressive selection of bars and restaurants.

2. Torrevigia

One of the best beaches in Benalmadena for children, it offers plenty of parking, disabled access, a playground and lots of bars and restaurants.

3. Tajo de la Soga

The most popular beach for those who like theirs quiet, this rocky beach isn´t often filled with tourists and offers a couple of beach bars.

4. Fuente de la Salud

Located to the west of Benalmadena´s marina, this beach is close to the area´s most popular hotels and offers plenty of bars and restaurants.

5. Benalnatura

One for nudists, Benalnatura is a small cove beach with a stunning views of the Mediterranean and a small beach bar.

6. Caravajal

A secluded cove beach with several beach bars, Caravjal is perfect for those who want to avoid the usual tourist areas.

7. Santa Ana

If you prefer your beaches busy however, Santa Ana is the perfect spot thanks to its many cafes and restaurants.

10 of the best things to do in Benalmadena

When you travel to Benalmadena there is plenty to do, from historical sites to boat rental and seeing some marine lfe.

Here is our guide to the best attractions when you travel to Benalmadena.

1. Boat rental

As well as admiring the boats in Benalmadena´s marina, get into the Mediterannean vibe and head out on the water with an afternoon´s boat rental.

Open: Every day from 9am to 9pm

Address: Puerto Deportivo de Benalmadena, 29630

Price: From €120 for two hours

2. Sealife

Offering everything from stingrays and sharks to seahorses and an impressive selection of reptiles, the Sealife aquarium is one Benalmadena´s most popular attractions and is located in the marina.

Open: Every day from 11am to 7pm

Address: Puerto Deportivo de Benalmadena, 29630

Price: Tickets to Sealife Benalmadena cost €16.95 for an adult. Discounts are available for children.

3. Selwo Marina

Offering live dolphin experiences, penguin experiences and swimming with sea lions, Selwo Marina also hosts an exotic birds presentation and several different species of sea life.

Open: Every day from 10am to 6pm

Address: Parque de la Paloma, 29630

Price: Tickets to Selwo Marina cost €21 for an adult. Discounts are available for children, over-65s and the disabled.

4. Cable car

Taking travellers from Benalmadena centre to the top of Monte Calamorro, the cable car offers stunning views of Benalmadena and the Mediterranean.

Open: Every day from 11am to 6pm

Address: Explanada del Tivoli, 29630

Price: Tickets to the cable car in Benalmadena cost €19.90 for an adult and discounts are available for children and over-65s

5. Castillo Colomares

This modern castle built to honour the life of Christopher Columbus was designed in a Gothic style and offers stunning views of Benalmadena.

Created by Dr Esteban Martin, Castillo Colomares was built between 1987 and 1994.

Open: Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm

Address: Finca la Carraca, Ctra Costa del Sol, 29639

Price: Tickets to Castillo Colomares cost €2.50 for an adult. Discounts are available for children and over-65s

6. Jardin de Las Aguilas

This bird of prey centre offers more than 160 different types of birds and is located on top of Monte Calamorro, which is accessed by cable car.

Open: Every day from 11am to 6pm

Address: Monte Calamorro

Price: Tickets to Jardin de Las Aguilas are included in the price of the cable car

7. Bil Bil Castle

An Arabian-style castle built in 1927, Bil Bil Castle is now used as a cultural centre, hosting various exhibitions and cultural activities.

This stunning castle is one of Benalmadena´s most famous buildings and well worth a visit.

Open: Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm and 5pm to 10pm

Address: Avenida Antonio Machado, 78, 29631

Price: Entry to Bil Bil Castle is free

8. Parque de la Paloma

One of the most beautiful parks on the Costa del Sol, Parque de Paloma offers a lake, as well as the sight of the many animals, including rabbits, emus and goats living there.

Located in Arroyo de la Miel, the park also offers three cafes.

Open: Every day from 9am to 11pm

Address: Avenida Federico Garcia Lorca, 29630

Price: Entry to Parque de la Paloma is free

9. Benalmadena Butterfly Park

With more than 1,500 exotic butterflies from across the world, the Benalmadena Butterfly Park offers some of the world´s most interesting species.

Open: Every day from 10am to 6.30pm

Address: C/ Muerdago, El Retamar, 29639

Price: Tickets to Benalmadena Butterfly Park are €10 for adults and discounts are available to children and over-65s

10. Old town

Taking a stroll around the stunning streets of Benalmadena´s old town is free and well worth a visit.

Open: Every day

Address: Benalmadena pueblo

Price: Looking around Benalmadena is free

10 of the best restaurants in Benalmadena

Food is one of the best bits of travel and here is our guide to the best restaurants in Benalmadena.

1. Pirañaconda Restaurante

If Asian food is your favourite, make sure to take a look at Pirañaconda Restaurante, which serves everything from Japanese to Vietnamese and sushi.

Open: Tuesday to Saturday 1pm to 4pm and 7.30 to 11.30pm and Sunday 1pm to 4pm

Address: Avenida de las Palmeras 22 Local 8, 29630

Booking: 722 85 03 88

Price: €€

2. King of Curries Benalmadena

This popular restuarant is the perfect place to go for a curry while in Benalmadena and also offers vegetarian and vegan options.

Open: Every day from 1pm to 12am

Address: Avenida Federico García Lorca, 37, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel,

Booking: 951 57 84 85

Price: €€

3. Da Checco & Paola

Famed for its steaks, Da Checco & Paola serves up everything from Italian dishes to Mediterranean favourites and fish.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 1pm to 11pm

Address: Avenida Palmeras 28, local 5-29636, 29630

Booking: 608 40 87 85

Price: €€

4. Don Marisquito

One of the best seafood restuarants in Benalmadena, Don Marisquito also offers classic Spanish dishes.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 12am

Address: Avenida de las Palmeras 11 Local 16, 29630

Booking: 638 42 55 24

Price: €€

5. La Mar Chica

For fine dining in Benalmadena La Mar Chica is one of the most popular restaurants around. Serving up the best of Nordic, Spanish and Asian cuisine, La Mar Chica is famed for its international cuisine.

Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 6.30pm to 11pm

Address: Calle Marbella 1, 29631

Booking: 951 63 47 08

Price: €€

6. La Taverna Dei Sapori

Offering some of the best Italian food in Benalmadena, La Taverna Dei Sapori is famous for its homemade pasta dishes.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 11pm

Address: Calle de San Juan 3, 29631 Arroyo de la Miel

Booking: 658 45 65 47

Price: €€

7. Pocho´s Bar

Known for its great food from Uruguay and Venezuela, Pocho´s Bar has everything from meat dishes to vegetarian and vegan food.

Open: Wednesday to Sunday 1pm to 11pm

Address: Avenida de Mijas No 1 Loc 3, 29630

Booking: 608 05 76 07


8. Bocados Grill

Specialising in South American food, Bocados Grill is famed for its steaks as well as its Venezuelan dishes.

Open: Wednesday to Monday 1pm to 11.30pm

Address: Calle Las Yucas, 29630

Booking: 654 628 227

Price: €€

9. All Grill

For those who love a burger, American inspired All Grill is the place to go. Offering up several different types of burger as well as some impressive salads, All Grill is located in the centre of Benalmadena.

Open: Thursday to Tuesday from 1.15pm to 11pm

Address: Avenida de Antonio Machado, 5, 29630

Booking: 951 44 78 81

Price: €€

10. Gaucho Grill Benalmadena

Famed for its high quality steaks, Gaucho Grill Benalmadena is the perfect spot for meat-lovers.

Open: Every day from 11.30am to 12am

Address: Darsena Levante local A20 Puerto Marina, 29630

Booking: 952 44 64 60 or online here

Price: €€

Weather in Benalmadena

Benalmadena has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm temperatures throughout much of the year and an average temperature of 19°C making it perfect to travel to for some warm weather.

To see what the weather is like now in Benalmadena, and for a 7-day forecast, look at our free Benalmadena weather forecast below.


10 of the best hotels in Benalmadena

Now you have some more information on the best attractions and restaurants in Benalmadena, where are the best palces to stay when you travel there?

1. Residence Benalmadena Principe

Located close to the beach and the centre of Benalmadena, Residence Benalmadena Principe offers spacious, modern apartments as well as an outdoor pool.

Address: 8 Los Girasoles, 29630

Booking: Online here


2. Hotel Spa Benalmadena Palace

Close to Bil Bil Castle, Hotel Spa Benalmadena Palace is a great spot for tourists for exploring Benalmadena´s restaurants and sights.

Address: Camino Gilabert, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€

3. Hotel Las Arenas

Located close to Benalmadena´s marina, Bil Bil Castle and Santa Ana beach, Hotel Las Arenas is a modern hotel with a pool and restaurant.

Address: Avenida Antonio Machado 122, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€

4. Hotel Mac Puerto Marina Benalmadena

Located next to the marina, Hotel Mac Puerto Marina Benalmadena offers easy access to Benalmadena´s most popular bars and restaurants as well as a pool.

Address: Avenida Del Puerto Deportivo, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€

5. Hotel Marina

Located close to Benalmadena´s main attractions, including the marina and Sealife, Hotel Marina is the perfect spot for seeing the town´s sights.

Address: Avenida de Antonio Machado 20, 29630

Booking: Online here


6. Hotel Pueblo

This boutique hotel located in Benalmadena´s old town offers a taste of traditional Andalucian life and is close to the town´s many cafes and restuarants.

Address: Avda Juan Luis Peralta, Benalmadena old town, 29639

Booking: Online here


7. Aleysha Hotel Boutique & Spa

This five-star hotel offers a luxury stay close to Benalmadena´s marina as well as some of the town´s best restaurants.

Address: Avda Antonio Machado 57, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€€

8. JSM Apartamentos

Located close to Benalmadena marina, these apartments are a great spot for a self-catering holiday with easy access to some of Benalmadena’s best bars and restaurants.

Address: Calle Tamarindos 2 Ole Plaza, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€

9. Best Triton

Near to Benalmadena’s many bars and restaurants, Best Triton is located close to the marina.

Address: Avda Antonio Machado 29, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€

10. Royal Oasis Club at Pueblo Quinta

Built in traditional Andalucian style with white buildings, Royal Oasis Club at Pueblo Quinta is located just 200 metres from the beach.

It features an outdoor pool, whirlpool, fitness centre and spa with sauna.

Address: Avenida de Federico Garcia Lorca 8 Urb. Pueblo Quinta, 29630

Booking: Online here

Price: €€

Getting to Benalmadena

Benalmadena is one of the Costa del Sol’s biggest towns and has plenty of transport options, including a train station.


The town is just 6.8 miles from Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), which has its own train station.

Malaga airport hosts national and international flights throughout the year.


Benalmadena’s train station is located inland in Arroyo de la Miel and costs €2.05 from Malaga Airport. Tickets can be bought at the train station’s ticket office.

Important contacts

Travelling somewhere new is fun but it’s important to know the contact information for the emergency services.

Emergency services, including health, fire and police: 112

Reporting a theft: 902 102 112

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, do remember to come back and check The Euro Weekly News website for all your up-to-date local and international news stories and remember, you can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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