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Europe is a diverse continent with so many different holiday destinations to choose from. When we think of winter in Europe, the north and east seem like the obvious choice, with snowy landscapes and beautiful auroras that can be seen when visiting Northern Finland or Norway during the cold season.

If you want a winter wonderland, the northern countries offer breathtaking landscapes and snowy forests with fairytale-like villages such as Rovaniemi, Finland, or Lillehammer, Norway. Complete your trip by private jet charter to visit Santa Claus in Lapland during his annual visit on Christmas Eve.

For those looking for warmer temperatures and sunny beaches, southern Europe has some lovely locations to escape the harsh weather of the north; explore the Balearic Islands or head to Greece and experience their incredible culture and cuisine.

Whether you like snow sports or sunbathing, here are some suggestions for European holiday destinations that are ideal for this time of year:

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Northern Europe

The Nordic countries are a popular choice for enjoying a winter holiday. Finland is an excellent place for skiing and snowboarding as it has the biggest ski resorts in Europe. Discover untouched landscapes on your own or join a tour with aurora watching from inside heated tents where you can warm up around a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa.

The capital city of Helsinki, with its museums and designer shops, is a fantastic place to visit. Finish your trip with a visit to Santa Claus Village in Lapland where you can meet the big man himself.

See the northern lights at their best in Norway, with endless opportunities to explore the country. Go on a safari tour where you can admire the Arctic wildlife and visit the town of Tromso, which is one of the best places in Europe for seeing the aurora borealis.

Seasoned travellers consider Sweden to be an excellent winter holiday destination; Trollhattan Falls is the tallest waterfall in Scandinavia and is a sight not to be missed.

Southern Europe

Spain is a great country to visit in winter with its many different regions to explore. The Costa del Sol is still warm enough for swimming and sunbathing, while the inland areas have a beautiful snow-capped landscape. Valencia, the birthplace of paella, has fantastic beaches and stunning Mediterranean-style architecture.

Visit Ibiza for a laid back break. If you need something more stimulating there are many historical cities to discover, such as Barcelona with its Gaudi buildings or Seville with its stunning Moorish architecture.

Greece is another excellent alternative for those who want a winter break that combines sightseeing and relaxation in the sun. Its many islands are a popular option for escaping the winter cold to enjoy the hot Mediterranean climate.

Explore the lush green landscape of Crete or lie on the stunning beaches of Mykonos and Santorini, watching the sunset over the sea as you dine on fresh seafood.

Destinations for culture vultures

Paris is a fantastic destination to visit during the winter holidays for those who love art and history. The city becomes more magical when it snows. Enjoy fine dining and stroll along the streets, admiring the festive displays of architectural beauty on every corner.

There’s nothing more appealing than strolling through the romantic streets of Paris during the holidays.

Vienna is another city that comes to life during the winter holidays. With its Christmas markets and traditional decorations, it’s the perfect place to get into the festive spirit. Why not explore the imperial palaces and museums or ice skate on the iconic Ringstrasse?

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Hogmanay in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is an exciting city to visit at any time of year, but it’s especially festive during the holiday season. There are Christmas markets on every corner of the city and special events and shows taking place throughout December.

See the New Year arrive in Scotland as the famous Hogmanay celebrations occur in Edinburgh.

Shopping in Rome or Milan

Rome and Milan are fantastic places to visit for those who need to buy last-minute presents for their loved ones. Both cities have luxury shopping opportunities galore, so you’ll be sure to find something special for your friends or family.

Stay in one of the many stylish hotels in both cities where you can pamper yourself before heading out to the shops. A winter break in Europe is the perfect opportunity to find some unique gifts that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Visit a German Market

Visit a German Market

Festivities would not be complete without visiting a traditional German Christmas market. There are markets in almost every city in Germany, and they’re all packed with festive cheer. There’s something for everyone from Dresden to Munich at a German Christmas market. Enjoy a mug of mulled wine and a bratwurst while you shop for Christmas decorations and gifts.

The festive holidays are a fabulous time of year when families and friends get together to celebrate. What could be more memorable than celebrating the holidays or New Year’s Eve in a new and fascinating location?

Whether you choose a traditional winter wonderland or a sunny beach destination, make sure to enjoy the festivities and create some unforgettable memories.

Happy holidays!

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