SPORTS TALK – World Cup star’s latest stop!

Nigerian World Cup goalkeeping star Rachael Aladi Ayegba is now a double decker BUS driver in London after hanging up her gloves in 2016!

“You can’t make any mistakes driving a bus,” said Rachael.

Having represented Nigeria in the 2007 Women’s World Cup, she now drives the 185 between Victoria and Lewisham.

Rachael, 35, was taken in to become a bus driver after visits to London on holiday and seeing the iconic double-decker buses.

“When you are trying to save the ball, you need safe hands. But there are ten others on your side,” said Rachael.

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“When you drive a bus, you are on your own,” she said.

“Mentally you have to be 100% ready, if you are a goalkeeper the defenders can help you,” she said.

Super Falcons showstopper Rachael’s club career included 11-years in Finland, having moved to Scandinavia from her homeland in 2005, winning three league titles with PK-35 Vantaa, and two Finnish Women’s Cups.

Rachael Aladi Ayegba

After taking her coaching badges, she moved to London in 2018: “I think we just see a bus driver as a nobody.

“I see them more like a pilot, if anything goes wrong, it’s on them.

“Now I’ve done the training, the people I respect most, after my family, are the drivers.”

Caption: Nigerian World Cup star Rachael: Double decker bus driver.

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