Spain Business Brief – Tuesday December 19, 2017

The company who punished a worker for two tweets, has suspended the fine to avoid going to court. Telemarketing company bZERO will return to the union delegate of ELA the money corresponding to 45 days’ suspension of wage and employment after she tweeted about the precariousness of her work.

The ECB has suspended the purchase of bonds until January as the markets are closed over Christmas. The bank will return to the markets on Jan 1, but spending half the previous amount of monthly shares up to 30 billion €.

Susana Díaz has halted the new working week for her civil servants until they sign workers in the home. The Governing Council has decided at the last minute to not ratify the agreement with the Treasury and the unions yesterday regarding the 250,000 public employees.

The Treasury will collect this year more than 200 million € from the Gordo lottery – according to Gestha (the union for civil servants) the lottery will share 2.38 billion € in prizes, 70 million € more than last year provided that all the tenths are sold.

Evo Bank and the unions have reached an agreement for ERE which will affect more than half of the workforce, an 11% reduction on the bank’s wishes.

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Mariano Rajoy has cut civil servant workforce by 10% – the number of civil servants in the State administrations has fallen to 59,449 people over the past five years.

One in three contracts signed in November were one month or less. Over the month, 1,818,339 contracts were signed, 74 more than in November 2016, but far fewer than in October. Most jobs were forestry and faming workers.

These are the questions that you should not answer when applying for a job. Employment lawyers fixed the red lines for which you should keep mum: Jorge Danés Rubio notes questions relating to the work environment, the working classes are subjected to sexual and labour abuse, unfair dismissals, and job insecurity. It is illegal to question sexual orientation, civil state, political beliefs or ideas about unions, age (if not on the curriculum) parenthood, children (women only generally questioned) or questioning about illnesses which do not affect work.

24-year-old Javi told Público that some weeks ago, he had an interview with a company dedicated to ceramics and glass, and was asked ‘What is your opinion on Article 155’. My answer was completely publically correct – they caught me off guard, I tried to place the matter in the context of being uninterested in politics. I am sure that, if I had more interview experience or were older I would not have answered as many have told me ‘better to get up and go’

IBEX 35 closed down 0.10% to 10,234.30
FTSE 100 closed up 0.09% to 7,544.09
Euro / Dollar closed up 0.39% to 1.183.

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