Russian hackers target websites in Granada

Hacker group known as NoName

Russian hackers have recently targeted numerous websites in Granada, resulting in a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. These cyberattacks, attributed to Russian hackers, impacted both public and private websites in Spain. The Spanish government has confirmed that all services have returned to normal operation following the bolstering of security measures. These attacks coincided with an informal European leaders’ meeting.

One of the specific targets of these hackers was the Granada Bus application, which was disclosed via the X platform. In DDoS attacks, perpetrators flood a website with an excessive volume of requests, causing it to become inaccessible.

The hacker group known as NoName, which claimed responsibility via the Telegram app, frequently conducts such attacks against countries supporting Ukraine. In their message, they did not mention the EU summit but instead referred to the talks that occurred in Granada between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. During these discussions, Spain offered six HAWK anti-aircraft systems to Kiev.

The hacker team stated, “It appears that the Spanish segment of the internet is anticipating our visit, so we are hurrying to launch our long-range DDoS attacks.” According to the hackers, their attacks affected numerous government websites, including those of Granada’s metro and buses, as well as the city’s tourism portal.

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