Orihuela continues campaign against processionary caterpillars

The Department of the Environment is carrying out a programme of treatment against the processionary caterpillar across the entire municipal area, covering urban area, districts and the coast.

Carried out by the service concessionaire company CTL S.L., the program began at the beginning of December, with the treatment of pines in 62 areas of Orihuela, classified as problematic.

At this time of year, January-February, it is very common to see the caterpillars forming rows on the ground and marching as if in a “procession” (hence their name), as they choose a place to bury themselves and begin their metamorphosis. In June the butterflies will emerge, again to mate and lay eggs on the pine needles.

Orihuela continues campaign against processionary caterpillars

It is now, in January, when there are problems of hives and allergic reactions, and for this reason the Department of the Environment is providing notice that this process is being carried out.

The Councilor for the Environment, Dámaso Aparicio, said that it is planned and organised treatment, although there may be some urban or nearby areas where there is a focus, so if members of the public are aware of such clusters they should email the department at:


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