Monte stalwart Macca set for coaching role after 24 years

By Andrew Atkinson EXCLUSIVE

CD Montesinos stalwart Joni Lorente Hurtado – Macca – is in his 24th year at the Valencia 1st Regional Group 9 football club.

“I have been at CD Montesinos since I was aged seven,” midfielder Joni, 31, told The Leader.

During those two-decades-plus Joni has seen new managers come and go at the Los Montesinos, Vega Baja based club.

“There has been many coaches that I have played under, with Luis Chazarra the longest and a big influence. But I remember all the coaches,” said Joni.

Looking back on his career, he reflected: “My best years in football were between the ages of 15 and 22.

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“The biggest disappointment was when we were relegated from the 1st Regional, dropping down into the 2nd Regional.”

Joni added: “This season has been very rare, due to Covid-19. But we have very good players and a great squad, one of the best I remember at CD Montesinos.”

The club saw the departure of first team coach during the 2021-22 season, in a campaign that has seen Monte in the bottom and top half of the table.

“The aim is to finish this season and then become a coach of young children at CD Montesinos,” revealed Joni, set to hang up his playing boots.

Caption: Joni Lorente Hurtado with Andrew Atkinson, moving into coaching after 24 years at Monte.

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