Metallica for the first time in concert in Saudi Arabia

Metallica is set to perform for the first time in Saudi Arabia during a concert in Riyadh on December 14, marking the kickoff of the three-day Soundstorm Festival and bidding farewell to 2023.
This concert will mark Metallica’s debut appearance in Saudi Arabia, making them the pioneering metal band to hold a public performance in the country.
The festival lineup includes other renowned artists such as Pharrell Williams, Chris Brown, H.E.R., and Black Eyed Peas, ensuring a diverse and star-studded event.
The previous year’s Soundstorm Festival drew an estimated attendance of 600,000 people, showcasing its substantial popularity.
Metallica announced their participation in the festival through a Facebook post, expressing their enthusiasm for this unique opportunity to perform in a region they seldom visit. Their statement read, “We’re not finished with 2023 yet, as an incredible opportunity has arisen for us to perform at a major festival in a part of the world that we rarely venture into. We’re thrilled to announce that on Thursday, December 14th, we’ll be the first hard rock band ever to grace MDLBeast’s Soundstorm Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.”
Notably, appearances by heavy metal musicians in Saudi Arabia are infrequent. In 2022, the melodic death metal band Immmortal Pain from Saudi Arabia made history as the first heavy metal act to perform at a significant public event during Comic Con Arabia.
While Metallica previously made their live debut in a Middle Eastern country at Etihad Park in Abu Dhabi back in 2011, they have never before held a concert in Saudi Arabia.

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