Man accused of threatening to kill ‘serpent’ Biden

Kansas resident allegedly said he wanted to tell Biden that ‘people were fed up with the divisiveness’ in the country

A Kansas man is facing potential federal charges after allegedly threatening to assassinate President Joe Biden, saying he was on a mission from God to travel to Washington and “lop off the head of the serpent.”

“I’m coming for his bitch ass Sleepy Joe,” suspect Scott Merryman allegedly told a Secret Service agent earlier this week. “I’m talking about President Biden, and you can quote me.” The agent contacted Merryman after the Kansan called the White House switchboard and said he was going to “cut off the head of the snake/Antichrist.”

Merryman then traveled from Kansas to Hagerstown, Maryland, about 65 miles from Washington, where a Secret Service agent spoke to him in the parking lot. According to the court filing, he consented to a search, and the agent found three .45 caliber bullets and a spotting scope in his backpack. He didn’t have a weapon and denied threatening the president.

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In an interview with the special agent, Merryman claimed that he was heading to the White House “to deliver a message to President Biden, and advise him that people were fed up with the divisiveness in the country and turn him back to God (or go to hell).”

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The accusations were contained in an affidavit that the Secret Service filed on Friday in US District Court in Maryland. The filing was made to show probable cause for issuance of a criminal complaint and arrest warrant for Merryman.

According to the affidavit, Merryman came to the attention of the Secret Service after calling police in Independence, Kansas to tell them that he was going to Washington to see Biden. He allegedly told a federal agent that God told him to “cut the head off the snake in the heart of the nation.”

The affidavit included multiple screenshots of Merrryman’s posts on Facebook, in which he refers to Biden as “Antichrist” and to the special agent in charge of his case as “Lucifer.”

He said in one of the posts: “I believe Joe Biden is the Antichrist now, and he will suffer a fatal head wound. I’ll deal that blow in Christ’s name.” He added that he was going to do so miraculously “with bullets and no gun.”

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