Incidence of coronavirus in the Alicante province continues to rise

The sixth wave of covid-19 has not let up over Christmas as it continues to runaway in the province of Alicante.

The data released this Tuesday by the Department of Universal Health and Public Health, shows that the accumulated incidence of positives for coronavirus (AI) at 14 days has grown by almost 100 points compared to the last update on Friday, and now stands at 869.75 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Marina Alta health department has the worst situation, with a total of 1,895 infections diagnosed in the last 14 days and an average incidence of 1,110.62 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, more than doubling the threshold of active cases that Ministry of Health calls an extreme risk, estimated at 500 cases per one hundred thousand.

Orba is the municipality in the province in the most critical situation from the health point of view, with a rate of 3,315.41 cases per 100,000 and a total of 74 cases diagnosed in the last 14 days from a total population of 2,147 population.

Other municipalities in the Marina Alta that present an extreme risk are Benissa, with an AI of 1,647.34; Teulada, with 1,471.89 cases per 100,000; Pedreguer, with 1,459.21.

In addition to the Marina Alta, there are four other health departments in the province with a cumulative incidence of more than 900 : Alcoy, with 998.42; Marina Baixa, with 995.46; Elda, with 937.33; and, finally, the department of Elche, where the average is 912.96 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants.

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The situation is somewhat better in the departments of Sant Joan Hospital, with an incidence of 888.10 cases per 100,000; the General Hospital of Alicante, with 826.87; the Orihuela area, with 759.51; and Torrevieja, with an average of 737.09 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Finally, the department of Elche-Crevillent is, by far, the one with the best situation in the entire province, with a rate of 531.19 cases.

New cases of Coronavirus

In terms of actual new cases, in the Community as a whole, the minister Ana Barceló has notified a further 5,655 new cases of coronavirus, of which 2,233 new positives have been confirmed through an antigen test or a PCR test in Alicante, 594 have been diagnosed in Castellón (67,742 in total) and another 2,828 in Valencia (322,811).

There have also been a further 26 deaths in the Community since the last update, all of them occurred in the last 7 days. They are 16 women between 47 and 97 years old, and 10 men between 61 and 92 years old. Of the fatalities, 12 were in residences in the province of Alicante.

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