FFCV supply as much as €50,000 in support for golf equipment affected in 2019 DANA in Vega Baja

The FFCV offered up to €50,000 in aid for the football clubs affected by the DANA that the La Vega Baja region suffered in the autumn of 2019.

To request this aid, clubs had to meet requirements that included invoices for the acquisition of sports equipment, as a result of temporary losses.

Also a certificate of being up to date with payments with the Treasury (valid for 6 months) and a certificate of being up to date with Social Security (monthly validity).

In total there were seven clubs within the Vega Baja region that received help from the FFCV.

FFCV grants total aid from the Valencian Community Soccer Federation in the 2019-20 season comprised: Travel: €469,731.83 – 710 benefited clubs. Sports equipment: €174,007.36 – 382 clubs involved.

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Improvement of facilities (Works and services): €18,216 – 41 benefited clubs.

Coaching course scholarships: €33,075 – 235 students benefited.

Aid to the Vega Baja: €14,526.86 – 7 benefited clubs. Defibrillators: 49 clubs benefited.

FFCV invested €150,000 acquisition of 130 portable defibrillators.

“Displacement grants are called by the FFCV so that any club in the Valencian Community that meets the minimum requirements can request them,” said a spokesperson from FFCV.

The clubs that completed the application received an aid of €0.20/km, while the clubs that either did not send any documentation, or that sent it incomplete, obtained an aid of €0.08/km.

The kilometres accumulated for each club are calculated thanks to a computer application developed exclusively for this task by the FFCV and are based on the planned trips in the different competitions.

“The 2019-20 season was an exceptional case of circumstance with the stoppage of fixtures, due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Despite not having concluded the full season, the FFCV paid all of the planned kilometres to the clubs.

“In addition, this aid was distributed for the first time in two instalments, so that in January the clubs could already have half of the money,” said the FFCV spokesperson.

Displacement grants are called by the FFCV so that any club in the Valencian Community that meets the minimum requirements can request them.

The 2019-20 season improvement of facilities (works and services). This aid is intended for clubs that are planning to upgrade or have already done an installation.

To request it, they must meet certain minimum requirements and present invoices in case they have already made the improvements.

Scholarships for students coaching course. The FFCV has awarded 235 students of the coaching course, with a total of €33,075.

The students who opted for the scholarship had to meet certain minimum requirements, in addition to being enrolled in one of the courses on offer.

No. of scholarship students Intensive courses 201969 UEFA and National courses C115 Professionals FFCV15 Ordinary courses 201936. Total 235.

“The FFCV invested €150,000 in the acquisition of 130 portable defibrillators from the company B+Safe (Almas Industries)/Philips, with the aim of assigning them to the clubs that requested it and that met the minimum requirements,” said the FFCV spokesperson.

Caption: FFCV: up to €50,000 in aid for clubs affected in 2019 DANA in the Vega Baja.

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