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Bard, the upgraded AI tool, now offers us many new features and clever tricks that we can take advantage of. The most important is its availability in more than 40 new languages. This means that we can now use it without the need for special tools or translation services.

One of the big advantages of Bard AI over other similar chatbots is its ability to access and process information through Google Search. This means that we can get up-to-date data and information, without being limited to 2021 as is the case with other common chatbots. Bard has access to the Internet and can provide us with updated answers and information reliably.

Another interesting feature of Bard is the characteristic Google search button that appears every time it provides us with an answer. This button allows us to immediately do a Google search on the topic we asked Bard about, in order to verify or cross-check the information it offers us. This function is very useful for us, as it is no longer necessary to copy and paste the answers to a search engine in a separate window.

One of Bard’s strengths is the coherence of his responses in the context of our environment. This means it can better understand our needs and requests. Searching through Google Bard can be made even more efficient by adding the “Bard for Search Engines” extension from the Chrome Web Store. With this plugin, we can right-click on Google search and get instant information without the need to open multiple links.

Bard also has the clipboard function, which allows us to see alternative answers to our questions. If we are not happy with the first answer or want more information, we can see other alternative answers with a simple click.

In summary, Bard offers a lot of new features and clever tricks that we can take advantage of. Powered by Google’s Pathways language model, it provides us with up-to-date information and access to the Internet. With Google search features, clipboards and the “Bard for Search Engines” extension, its capabilities become even more flexible and efficient.

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