Fantastic Fun in Finland at Christmas

Hopefully, people still remember what it is like to go to their favourite holiday destination to relax, broaden their horizons, or to simply get away. And for those looking for a winter escape that does not necessarily involve a ski slope, then Finland is an ideal destination.

The Scandinavian country that sits to the right of the trio is built for winter activity due to the climate and amount of snowfall the country enjoys. Snowflakes can be seen as early as August with the average height of ground snow reaching 90cm towards the north of the country. And with this snow and ice comes ample opportunity to explore and take advantage of Finland’s natural winter wonderland.

You might only have seen igloos on television or in pictures but in Finland, you can actually stay inside one. Igloos are offered out to visitors as hotels and before you think they will be too cold, consider the thick duvet that wraps around you and protects you from the chill. You can stare at the night sky or browse the internet from the comfort of your bed. Going on holiday doesn’t mean you have to leave every aspect of the everyday behind. If you’re a fan of online casino, these icy surroundings could provide the perfect arena to take a bit of time out and hit the Blackjack, Roulette or Poker tables. At for Finland, there is a plethora of options and bonuses for you to enjoy wherever you are. Playing never became so easy and all that in the beautiful igloo setting. The relaxed nature of a holiday in Finland means you can live life at your own pace and find time for all the things that keep you entertained.

Igloos certainly add another dimension to choices of accommodation when on holiday. Staying in an artfully crafted ice block is further bolstered by the prospect of a Finnish sauna. Now, before you think this is relaxing with sounds of waterfalls and birds softly chirping as you’re probably used to, you are partially right, but the Finnish approach is somewhat different to the traditional spa treatments. The conventional aspect is retained though, with hot tubs of water ushering your worries away. But the next part might be a shock to the system. Cold plunges, even in the Arctic, might sound frightful at first, but coupled with the hot soak in the sauna beforehand, you have the perfect combination to achieve ultimate relaxation for your body.

And if you are looking for the traditional, then a visit to Lapland to see Father Christmas is an absolute must. Whether you are travelling with your family, loved one or even solo, a trip to visit Santa Claus in his own home is certainly something for the memory bank.

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The above-mentioned activities are certainly recommended, along with immersing yourself in local cuisine and practices but overall, there is something for everyone in Finland. Those more active can push themselves with cross country skiing or you can just find a log fire to fall asleep in front of.

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