Curro’s whistling Christmas!

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

Valencia 1st Regional Group 9 footballer Joni Lorente Hurtado, co-proprietor of bar Casa Pepe, Los Montesinos, is happy to have his parrot Curro looking over his shoulder this Christmas.

Named after the famous whistler from the theme of the Clint Eastwood film ‘The Good The Bad and the Ugly’, Curro, who went missing earlier this year, was found by Los Montesinos mayor José Manuel Butron, on his balcony in the Vega Baja town.

“Curro enjoys meeting customers in Bar Pepe after his misdemeanour when he went missing in March,” CD Montesinos midfielder Joni told The Leader.

Curro (Kurt) Savoy, whose real name is Francisco Rodriguez, born in 1948 in Andujar, Jaen, is one of the most peculiar Spanish artists, who triumphed on the international stage.

His fans call him “El rey del silbido” – King of Whistling – who started his music career in 1959, playing in rock bands and participating in various medial programmes.

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He became world famous for imitating the whistle of melodies from spaghetti westerns, including ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’.

Curro imitates the great Alessandro Alessandroni (1925-2017), whose whistle can be heard in original soundtracks of Sergio Leone’s movies.

Parrot Curro takes a ride on the shoulder of Monte talisman Joni when on his electric scooter in Los Montesinos daily!

“Customers at Bar Pepe are looking forward to hearing Curro’s whistling this Christmas!,” said Joni.

Caption: Joni with Curro. Photo: Andrew Atkinson.

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