Coronavirus rates in Alicante Province start to drop

After more than 3 months with continuous rises the incidence rate of coronavirus in the province of Alicante has dropped for the first time since the sixth wave began, more than three months ago. It now stands at 3,677.54 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The data published yesterday by the Ministry of Health reports 67,332 people who are currently infected, 6,121 less than in the previous update, on Friday of last week.

In those four days there have been 17,496 infections, a reduction in the spread of the virus of 13.8% in relation to the period from Tuesday 25 to Friday 28 January.

The decrease in the incidence has been mirrored in all the health departments in the province, especially in Dénia and the General Hospital of Alicante, which now have, respectively, 1,265 and 1,104 fewer active cases than last Friday.

Numbers are also lower in the four health authorities in the Baix Vinalopó and Vega Baja regions. In fact, the area with the highest rate of contagion is that covered by the General Hospital of Elche, 4,521.71, slightly surpassing that of Elda, which drops to 4,518.8.

The areas of Dénia, the General Hospital of Alicante and Orihuela also exceed the provincial average, with 3,817.14, 3,780.25 and 3,695.77, respectively. Another significant rate is the department of Elche-Crevillent, with 3,526.87 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while Sant Joan d’Alacant drops to 3,242.51, with more moderate decreases in both cases.

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The health areas with the lowest rates are Marina Baixa and Torrevieja, with 2,881.91 and 2,374.71, respectively, still very high data, which continues to far exceed the records from before the sixth wave. At the end of November 2021, when this escalation of infections was just beginning to spread, the provincial average incidence was 88 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, almost 42 times less than now.

Among the nine largest municipalities in the province, the highest contagion rate corresponds to Alcoy , which despite falling is also at 4,889.31, with 2,902 current cases. It is followed by Elda, with an index of 4,531.08 and 2,393 active cases. The incidence in Elche also far exceeds the average, 4,223.37, with 9,915 affected, as well as that of San Vicente del Raspeig, with 4,121.88 and 2,431 patients.

Dénia has a situation similar to that across the province as a whole, with a rate of 3,640.23 and 1,559 active cases. The situation in Orihuela and Alicante is quite similar, with respective rates of 3,539.9 and 3,447.29, while the number of patients in absolute terms are 2,779 and 11,634, respectively. Benidorm and Torrevieja show lower indicators, of 2,482.61 and 2,247.63 in both cases, and 1,749 and 1,903 affected.

On Tuesday the province of Alicante added 5,017 new cases of coronavirus, which raise the accumulated number of infections since March 2020 to 403,337. However, the positives of the day were 44% lower than those registered on Tuesday last week , which also shows signs of a decline in the sixth wave. In addition, the discharges in the Valencian Community as a whole, 24,133, again greatly exceeding the number of infections in the three provinces, which were a 13,626.

At the moment there are 192,994 active cases across the autonomous territory, 10,543 less than on Monday. In addition, the number of hospitalised in the province has dropped significantly, to 607 patients, compared to 639 the previous day. However, pressure has slightly increased in the Intensive Care Units (ICU), where there are now 67 people admitted, two more than on Monday.

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