Christmas show from Mojácar Municipal Music School

As part of the 2021 Christmas programme, the Mojácar Municipal Music School offered a Christmas performance, something which has become traditional at this time of year, and in which all the students took part.

This year it had to be moved from the school’s auditorium to the Multi-uses Centre due to the number of members of the public going along, which was too many for the Music School facilities.

First up were the beginners and preparatory children aged between three and six, who sang and performed traditional Christmas carols under the direction of their teacher, Yolanda Parra.

They were followed by the guitar group and their teacher, Francisco Gonzáles Ridao, who offered the audience a selection of musical pieces which they are working on in their musical learning. Again, there was no lack of Christmas carols and popular tunes which are always highly applauded by the public.

Finally, the School Music Band, under the baton of their director Diego Martinez, also performed different Christmas carols, the last of which, and as the finale, in an emotional joint performance with all the beginner and preparatory students.

Worth noting, as in previous years, is the presence of some of the students’ parents, who for the first time performed some musical pieces alongside their children. Parents who also took part in the music adventure of the Municipal School, and who represent the talent pool for the Mojácar Municipal Music Band.

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Mojácar Council Culture Councillor Raquel Belmonte highlighted the work of all the Municipal Music School teachers and how well they are received by their students, who year after year gain a high level of learning and performance.

The Mojácar Municipal Music School began with just 20 students nearly 30 years ago. Today it has more than 200, between school students and members of the Municipal Band, with ages going from three to 70, although countless students have already passed through its classrooms.

The Mojácar Municipal Music School has studied and prepared guidelines for each cycle. From the age of three to five, it is possible to attend the music and movement initiation classes. From six years old, there is an initiation in the chosen instrument, moving from the age of seven to the preparatory, and from there, to the rest of subjects they want to choose.

It is important to emphasize that anyone who is interested, whatever their age, has the opportunity of participating in the Mojácar Municipal Music School and of having access to the world of music, effortlessly and in a fun and enjoyable way.

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