Cannabis raid by Orihuela Local Police

The Orihuela Local Police have closed down a retail marijuana sales point, which was being carried out in the premises of a ‘smokehouse’ with total impunity, under the veil of being a cannabis association.

The agents were carrying out overnight controls when they unexpectedly entered the interior of the establishment, finding 42 people inside smoking marijuana, all without masks and drinking alcohol.

Cannabis raid by Orihuela Local Police

The agents confiscated 90 packages that were prepared for sale, each containing a 3.5 grams of marijuana, 19 joints already prepared for consumption and about 525 grams of marijuana still unpackaged.

I addition they seized equipment necessary for the handling and packaging of marijuana (hashish oil extraction press, vacuum packing machine and precision scale) and a quantity of cash. The owner of the establishment was also arrested.

This smokehouse had previously been raided in May 2020 by the Orihuela police, when they seized almost 3 kilos of marijuana.


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