Brothers deported from Pilar de la Horadada for terrorism

The two brothers arrested in Alicante last November for jihadist terrorism, who have been living in Pilar de la Horadada since 2003 and 2006 respectively, are to be deported.

After spending 60 days in a Madrid detention centre awaiting their appearance in court the pair are now back in the province, waiting for the arrangements to be carried out with Morocco.

However their lawyer, Aurora Gámez, says that the process “is a serious attack on the Constitution and an infringement of their human rights,” and is working on its reversal.

The pair are said to by in contravention of article 54.1 of the Immigration Law, a precept that refers to “very serious offences”, such as “participating in activities contrary to national security”.

READ – Brothers arrested for terrorism in Pilar de la Horadada

One of the brothers is said to have a Facebook profile that managed “posts exalting the figure of a Chechen terrorist who, in October 2020, beheaded a professor in France.” In September 2021 he was also found to be in possession of two videos with captions in Arabic containing radical content.

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Police information received from France states that the other brother, “is shown to have a violent character to the point that he ended up being arrested for rape and death threats”.

Gámez has said that, despite the fact that the expulsion of the two brothers arose from their arrest for alleged terrorism nothing has been proved, and as such their case will now be put before the Ombudsman.

Image: The photo was taken as the brothers were being transferred to the detention centre in Madrid

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