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Looking for an new Internet directory listing ? With billions of websites online today, there is a wealth of information on the Internet. Search engines make it easy to find this information. Artmotion is one of the best search engines in this 21st era. You can find any information using this search engine.


You can Submit your site to search engine using this search engine submission service. If you wonder how to promote your website, all you have to do is submit your site to search engine using Artmotion’s submission service.


Advantages of the search engine?

Organizing Internet search engines help organize the Internet and individual web pages. Search engines help organize the vast amount of information that can sometimes be scattered in various places on the same web page into an organized list that can be more easily used.

Web Search Engine


Why Artmotion?

ArtmotionBot is our web spider’s robot for the Artmotion web search engine. They never let spider surf the Internet uncontrolled to give us results, and we prefer to specify the site you are going to visit. So it is up to your decisions on what exactly to index.


Artmotion’s search engine does not borrow results from other search engines. Instead, it has its results based on your listings and is not a simple directory. This search engine is a crawler used to gather information about individual websites and web pages. Artmotion S.E. needs information on all sites and pages; otherwise, it would not know which pages to display in response to a search query and with what priority.


Add your website

You can submit your website in any language. To do this you have two options.

  1. A. By filling in the details of your website you can submit it in one category. In this case our S.E. will not visit your site. In the search results your website will appear up to 80% less in relation to other websites that have been visited by ArtmotionBot
  2. B. If you want to continue to indexing your site and appear in our results you must continue with spidering service.

If you want to help the S.E to index your site more easily, and more efficiently just enter the sitemap.xml if it exists.

In case the category to which your site belongs does not exist in directory, you can suggest new category.

In the process of indexing your web site you should know the following.

The ArtmotionBot always follow the rules you put in the robot.txt file and meta tags in HTML header. If you do not want some of your web pages to be indexed by ArtmotionBot, you can easily exclude them by properly editing the meta tags or robots.txt.

ArtmotionBot also creates thumbnails of each image that will be indexed for each site. Supported the following image types: .bmp .gif .j2c .j2k .jp2 .jpc .jpeg .jpeg2000 .jpg .jpx .png .swc .tif .tiff .wbmp. Thumbnails will be created as “gif” files. These thumbnails are used as a preview to record results. An active link is also created directly with the website where the image was found as well as auxiliary links to the website.


Add your article   

If you have a website and you want to publish your articles, it is free and you become an RSS feed. A basic condition is that the .rss file contains an image in satisfactory resolution. After you import .rss, the link to your site will be created in each of your articles in the “Read the rest” button.


Add image to homepage 

You are free to send your image in order to appear on homepage with your name, image description and your link. For the best appearance it would be good for you to be In a horizontal position.

After your upload your image will appear on homepage with the details you have sent  for 24 hours.

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