Almoradí CCTV Contract Set to be Awarded

The contracting department of the Almoradí town hall has proposed that the company Etracontrol SL be awarded the contract for the supply, installation and commissioning of the system of 40 traffic control cameras, although it is also stated in the technical specifications that they include 10 under the heading of “surveillance”.

Despite submitting what was considered an “abnormally low” offer during the tender process, the base bid price including IVA being 170,000 euro, Etracontrol presented an offer of 92,566 euro, whilst the second-place bidder, Ibersontel, quoted 83,558 euro, but with a monthly maintenance fee of 5,324 euro for 24 months, whereas Etracontrol included it for free.

As for the contract itself, the objective is the installation of 50 intelligent video surveillance cameras distributed throughout the municipality. Although the plan that includes the technical specifications places them mainly on the access roads to the municipality and at the traffic lights of the urban area. However, note that the locations are not final and are for guidance only, left to the company in charge of the contract to specify the final locations.

The images captured by “smart” cameras for traffic surveillance will be stored in a device for one month from the moment they were taken and will also be used for “classification” and capacity control on urban roads.

The characteristics that justify the qualification of “smart” cameras have to do with the ability to detect targets, such as distinguishing between motor and non-motorised vehicles, face detection, and the ability to differentiate between the driver and passenger of motorised vehicles.

These cameras will also have the capacity for number plate recognition, vehicle type distinction, colour and will capture infractions such as speeding, insufficient speed, driving in the opposite direction and illegal lane change. Vehicle parking violations and traffic congestion will also be reflected.

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Another function will be the detection of stolen, delinquent or non-ITV vehicles. With this data, a “black list” will be drawn up and when it is detected an alarm will be generated with notification.

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